Free typo3 templates
I have written this blog for only typo3 beginners and thus I am providing the free typo3 templates for only learning purpose. Go through following important tips to get typo3 template.
Heart of typo3 system is its powerful template system. Once you learn to create typo3 templates and to map them means you learned 30% of typo3. But if you are a typo3 beginner then you should start learning the template mapping process and not with typo3 template designing. I am writing a new posts which will help you to create your own typo3 templates. If you need a sample typo3 template to learn , just send me a email and I will send you a free typo3 template, which you can use for learning purpose only. If you find any difficulty while using typo3 template you can send your queries to my email.
Email:typo3.cms.php[@] - remove [] from email id.
We are providing free typo3 templates for learning purpose only. My sample typo3 templates are designed in simple structure which will help new developers to learn typo templates quickly.

Typo template customization.
We do typo3 template customization also. We can design sample templates according to your business needs. You can send your template requirements on the same email id and we will send you two sample typo templates.


Louie Hans said...

a very rare tutorial about typo cuztumization. I hope I've learn this well too. Thanks for bringing this tutorial on the web.

Tine Nielsen said...

thanks for a good blog, I am danish and where are all the danish explanasions - typo 3 is danish ?
You have put me a step futher thanks

typo3-cms-templates said...

hey thanks for your comments.